Reconditioning of Engineering Machines

The reconditioning undertaken by Machine Reconditioners Pvt. Ltd. is complete rebuilding of the entire machine form its base, in order to restore full functioning and accuracies of the equipment.

The extent of refurbishing can include the following, depending on the scope of contract, work and your budget

  • Complete strip down of the machine with a thorough inspection and replacement, if required, of all worn-out and failed parts with genuine parts.
  • Machining, grinding, scraping of guides, tables and bearing bushes.
  • Rewiring of the entire electricals.
  • Retrofitting of modern hydraulic & CNC systems, if required.
  • Replacement of old lubrication system with a central, motorized, automatic, metered lubrication system with an electronic controller.
  • Reassembly of the machine.
  • Realignment of the machine to ensure the original accuracy.
  • Final inspection, trials & painting of the machine.
  • Inspection by customer & customer trials.  
Reconditioning of Engineering Machines, Machine Reconditioners

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