Director’s Views

  • Machine Reconditioners is a 29 year plus company, it is established with one objective, that of providing “world class services” in

    • Reconditioning of machines
    • Manufacturing top class machine spares
    • Carrying out modifications in mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, lubrication and electrical systems in order to make the machine more efficient and the product more commercially viable.
    • Indigenization of imported machine spares
    • Design and development of machines
    • Provide the customers with world class secondhand but reconditioned machines at a very attractive prices

  • In the new world with fast vanishing boundaries, our strength lies in producing globally accepted quality work at commercially viable avenues.

  • Technical capabilities and experience is our core strength, through which we constantly create best workmanship, and end results that have the best value in terms of reliability, performance and price.

  • All aspects of the machine is taken care by experts in each field who attend to the smallest need of the customer with great dedication and guarantee.

  • Last but not the least each machine or service whichever is done by Machine Reconditioners Pvt. Ltd. is packed with one common feature and that is a firm commitment from each one of us to give our best.

Thanks for going through our companies over view and spending your valuable time to understand the different services offered by Machine Reconditioners Pvt. Ltd.

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