Machine Reconditioners Pvt. Ltd. is a Chinchwad, Pune based company, having 29 Plus years of Excellent Expertise in

Reconditioning of world class Machine Tools, Retrofitting and Up gradation of machines, Manufacturing of world class Machines Spares (HMT spares Ex-stock), Manufacturing of SPM's, Erection, Commissioning of Machine Tools with Loading, Unloading and Shifting of Machines

Painting of Machines at site on Turn Key basis, Preventive and Annual Maintenance Contracts undertaken, Purchase of old machinery and sale of Refurbished machinery.

Company’s views:

  • Production experts agree that no plant can operate efficiently with faulty machine tools. In fact, continued use of inaccurate machine tools guarantees lost revenues and, in many cases, unhappy employees.
  • When you deliver a machine to Machine Reconditioners Pvt. Ltd., you receive a guarantee of new machine tolerances for a fraction of new cost.
  • In the new world order with fast vanishing boundaries, our strength lies in producing globally acceptable quality work at reasonable prices.
  • Our Core strength lies in our Technical Capabilities with End results that have the best value in terms of Reliability, Performance and Price.
  • All services given by Machine Reconditioners Pvt. Ltd. are packed with one common feature and that is “A FIRM COMMITMENT” from each one of us to give our best.
  • With 29 plus years of experience in Machine Tool Business, we have the answers to most of the questions arising in the maintenance activities in the factories.

Even good, reliable and well maintained machine age. Due to this ageing, unpredictable breakdowns can occur, maintenance cost can go up, tools wear increases and as a result, performance can drop. 

In such situations, buying a new machine may not be always the best solution. The more cost effective way is to re-manufacture your old machine.

Reconditioning not only saves time, but investments too. Moreover, if you can get this done from an experienced & educated original equipment manufacturer like Machine Reconditioners you can expect long-term performance with sustained accuracies.



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